Discover the world of flamenco in a magical place: Cristina Hoyos’s the Flamenco Dance Museum. Located right in the heart of Seville, it is a ‘must’ visit for any visitor to the city who wishes to know and get a feel of the main cultural heritage: flamenco.


  • Monday to Sunday

    10AM to 7PM


Main stage, dance hall and museum store

The main stage in the courtyard of the museum greets visitors, offering every night the best artists with flamenco of extreme beauty and emotion. The most original flamenco souvenirs await us in the museum store.

Interactive museum on the history, styles and costumes of flamenco dance

The interactive museum is the soul of the museum. Through the screens on display we can understand flamenco’s origins and evolution, discover influence of other cultures, the richness of its styles and objects from different eras that speak to us of artists and their history in the last two centuries.

Temporary exhibitions of paintings, drawings and sculptures

The museum’s second floor is its art area: temporary and interactive exhibitions showcase flamenco’s influence on artistic disciplines such as painting, drawings and sculptures by national and international artists from France, USA, Germany, Poland, Israel, South Korea and China among others.

Historic vault of the museum

The basement is the most singular space of the museum, a historic vault with Roman and pre-Roman stones. In this centuries-old ambience our visitors are immersed in the most direct flamenco, the best VIP show of Seville. It is also a great place for other events, exhibitions, dance classes, etc.

  • Guided tours

    We offer guided tours for groups and students in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

  • Get started in flamenco!

    Do you wish to conclude your visit with a very original experience? We offer flamenco and percussion classes for beginners where you shall feel all the rhythm and beat at the hands of top professionals.

  • Contact us

    For group visits, requesting information on availability and prices write to:

Flamenco is the most important culture we have in Spain and I dare say that in Europe. It is an incredible music, it has a great emotional strength and a rhythm and emotion that very few European folklore possess.
Paco De Lucía