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Mission, Vision and Values

The Museum of Flamenco Dance is unique in the world, it was to make Cristina Hoyos' dream come true, to give back to flamenco dance all that it had given her in her life, and to do it in her city, in Seville, whose city council named her favourite daughter.


Seville, Andalusia and the whole of Spain sell flamenco as heritage, but nowhere was it explained.  So we proposed a place that would tell its history, introduce its beauty, and make people understand what flamenco is, and we had to do it in an aesthetic, attractive and contemporary language and bring it to the world.

That’s how the idea came up in 2001, from a Teuton, Kurt Grötsch, who discussed it with Tina Panadero and they both explained it to Cristina Hoyos… “it would be great, I don’t want to set up a school, there are already many and very good ones, and with a museum and in my city, I would give back to flamenco dance all that it has given me, and continues to give me…” those were his words, to which he added “do it well, as you know how to do things, and you can count on everything I have for the project”.


Our vision is to be a national and international cultural and artistic reference, and to be part of the Spanish museums that, with quality and care, address all kinds of audiences, giving a new vision of flamenco art and forming part of the Spanish cultural strategy.

Our aim is to spread flamenco dance in a global way, not only with an interactive museum and exhibitions, but also by offering quality shows in our two stages, the patio and the vault, with the typical “Hoyos” stamp.

In this way, after obtaining information about flamenco dance, its origins, the most significant styles, the path it has taken to become what it is today, elements, choreography, exhibitions… visitors can see everything they have learnt in a dynamic way, attending one of our shows, which we are sure will not leave them indifferent.


The Museum’s values are both universal and traditional. The main value of the museum is respect for the cultural richness and differences, both of our visitors and of the local culture, especially flamenco.


In the Ecijan courtyard of the museum, next to one of the columns, in the foundations, an urn was buried. In it lie the sacred texts of Christianity, Judaism and Islam: the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Talmud… Letters that bear witness to vital moments in the life of the Hoyos family, the names of all the people who worked on the project and the works. An olive branch completes our treasure. A message of peace and unity that supports its foundations.

The main work of the Museum represents flamenco dance, Seville and Spain. It provides a service, which is always carried out under the prism of the strictest quality, betting to carry out activities with a high level of demand. It offers a satisfactory experience to our visitors, thanks to the daily work of a great team, managed under efficiency criteria, looking for the best relation between invested resources and obtained results. We consider it our duty to turn culture into a means to improve our society.

The social value of the Museum is its contribution to the flamenco economy, to the artists’ livelihood, to the sectorial collaboration and cooperation with associations and other public and private entities linked to the manifestation of flamenco art.

As a company, we strive for continuous improvement, both in the dynamics of digitalised management and in the innovation and updating of the museum and its shows. Our commitment to constant improvement is also reflected in our policy of human quality and excellence in internal and external work processes, as we define ourselves as a cultural services company. Our programme of excellence includes both our customer service staff and constant support for the artistic sensitivity and creativity of our artists.

However, the museum’s raison d’être is the musealisation and living cultural intermediation of flamenco as a World Heritage Site.

The Flamenco Dance Museum is a portal to the magical world of flamenco. We have developed unique experiences where all facets of this art form come together: dance, song and guitar. Both in our interactive museum and in our shows, we contribute to the understanding of flamenco.
We are located at:
  • Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, nº 3. 41004 Sevilla
  • 0034 954 340 311

Visits to the museum can be made at any time of the day stipulated in your ticket, always from 11:00 to 06:00 pm (last entry at 06:00 pm), except the first Monday of each month when the museum will open at 4:00 p.m.


Admission Adults 10 €, Reduced (Student-Discap.) 8 €, and Children (6 – 12 years old) 6 €.

Ticket Flamenco Dreams Show (1 hour): Adults 25 €, Reduced (Student-Discap.) 18 €, and Children (6 – 12 years old) 12 €.

Combined ticket: Museum visit + Flamenco Dreams Show: Adults 29 €, Reduced (Student-Discap.) 22 €, and Children (6 – 12 years old) 15 €.

*Additional information: these prices include 10% VAT for museum and 21% VAT for shows.


Booking and info:
Museo del Baile Flamenco
Tel: (0034) 954 34 03 11 + (0034) 954 00 67 87