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Flamenco Tattoo - Spain

On the occasion of our participation in the celebration of the Flamenco Biennial 2018 from the Museum of Flamenco Dance Cristina Hoyos on this occasion we have opted for innovation. We wanted to do something new, exploring new forms of expression that tell stories and that, like flamenco art, leave an indelible mark on the people it reaches.

And that is why we decided on the spectacular art form of Tatuaje. Tattoo, its name alone evokes mystery, decision, symbols that enclose hidden memories to be proud of and to show off. Courage, race, bravery… sister concepts that are also pillars in the world of flamenco.

Flamenco Tattoo is the result of this challenge, an exhibition where we have brought together several of the most refuted and promising studios in the city of Seville and that without hesitation have joined the challenge we proposed: to reflect on canvas the union of these two universes and amaze us with their works to tattoo us with a permanent memory in our retina.

We invite you to enjoy and to impregnate yourself with inks that have never been conceived or shown before. Relax, put yourselves in the hands of these artists and enjoy the wonderful session ahead of you.

Don’t miss the 360º virtual tour of the exhibition and its appearance on TV!

Video of the exhibition:

The Flamenco Dance Museum is a portal to the magical world of flamenco. We have developed unique experiences where all facets of this art form come together: dance, song and guitar. Both in our interactive museum and in our shows, we contribute to the understanding of flamenco.
We are located at:
  • Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, nº 3. 41004 Sevilla
  • 0034 954 340 311

Visits to the museum can be made at any time of the day stipulated in your ticket, always from 11:00 to 06:00 pm (last entry at 06:00 pm), except the first Monday of each month when the museum will open at 4:00 p.m.


Admission Adults 10 €, Reduced (Student-Discap.) 8 €, and Children (6 – 12 years old) 6 €.

Ticket Flamenco Dreams Show (1 hour): Adults 25 €, Reduced (Student-Discap.) 18 €, and Children (6 – 12 years old) 12 €.

Combined ticket: Museum visit + Flamenco Dreams Show: Adults 29 €, Reduced (Student-Discap.) 22 €, and Children (6 – 12 years old) 15 €.

*Additional information: these prices include 10% VAT for museum and 21% VAT for shows.


Booking and info:
Museo del Baile Flamenco
Tel: (0034) 954 34 03 11 + (0034) 954 00 67 87