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Cristina Hoyos Panadero, born in Seville on 13 June 1946. Fourth daughter of Apolinar Hoyos and Cristina Panadero. At the age of 12 she made her debut in the children’s show Galas Juveniles. Adelita Domingo and Enrique “El Cojo” stand out as her dance teachers. 3 years after her debut as a child, at the age of 15 and not yet old enough to be a professional, she made her debut in the tablao “El Patio Andaluz” in Seville.

After her promising professional start in Spain, her international debut was not long in coming and it was in 1965, when she crossed the pond to the United States to perform for 6 months in the Spanish Pavilion theatre at the New York World’s Fair.

In 1966 she moved to Madrid to continue her dance studies and there she combined her training with performances in the “tablaos” of the Spanish capital. Three years later, in 1969, she met Antonio Gades, who incorporated her into his company as a dance partner. With him she toured the best theatres in the world for two decades.

In 1978 she was the principal dancer of the Ballet Nacional de España (national Ballet of Spain), directed by Antonio Gades.

In 1980 she starred with Gades in the film version of Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding) by Carlos Saura.

In 1983 she played her role in Carlos Saura’s Carmen, for which she was awarded the prize for best supporting actress.

In 1986 she starred in El Amor Brujo  (love the magician) by the same director.

In 1989 she starred in Montoyas & Tarantos by Vicente Escrivá, a film that represented Spain at the Oscars in Hollywood.

In 2002 she starred in the film about her life, Despacito y a compás.

She remained with Antonio Gades until 1988 and a year later debuted with her own company at the Paris Festival. With the production Sueños Flamencos (Flamenco Dreams). Ballet Cristina Hoyos became the first flamenco company to perform at the Paris Opera-Palais Garnier.

In 1992 she took part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympic Games, and performed at the Universal Exposition in Seville with Yerma and Lo Flamenco.

In 1996 he made his debut with Arsa and Toma at the Opéra d’Avignon.

In 2002 she presented Tierra Adentro at the Teatro Principal in Valencia.

In 2003 she was appointed director of the Ballet flamenco de Andalucía (Official Andalusian Flamenco Company) and presented Yerma (2003), Viaje al sur (2005), Romancero Gitano and Poema del Cante Jondo at Café de Chinitas. These are just some of the great choreographies that bear her signature.

In 2006 she founded Museo del Baile Flamenco, being its artistic director until today.

Among the awards she has received are the National Dance Prize (1991), the Gold Medal of Andalusia (1991), the Fine Arts Medal (1992) and two Max Awards for Best Female Dance Performer in 2000 and 2004; she is an Honorary Member of the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts and in 2017 she was distinguished as “Favourite Daughter of Seville”.

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